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Monday Mixtape: Digging Out of the Post-Valentine’s Day Blues

josh feldman: arts writer, photographer, dreamy dreamboat

By Josh Feldman

Seeing as February is wrapping up this week I started feeling nostalgic about this year’s V-day. Hopefully by now you’ve binged out on all the food and drowned your sorrows away. To help all y’all who are still down in the dumps I have made a little mixtape for your broken souls and shattered hearts. Enjoy! And remember: if you eat a whole box of candy’s yourself while listening to this I’ll give you some of my extra Weight Watcher Points.

Josh is a writer/photographer based in the nation’s capital. He is an arts professional both day and night, but you may also see him with a camera in hand as a professional event photographer (he just happens to be the handsome young devil in the photo above as well). In his spare time he enjoys collecting records, making semi-vegan food, and playing guitar in his band project, THE UNNOTICED TRUTH. Feel free to follow him via twitter or instagram @jazzyfeldzle.


Friday Live Wire: Concert Preview – The Color and Sound @ TT The Bear’s

Party with The Color And Sound
Party with The Color And Sound

By Kristin Nicholls of Bishop And Rook

The boisterous cavalry of The Color And Sound recently wrapped up their march across the country on Modern Baseball’s Winter Tour and are heading home to play a vivacious set of indie rock on January 31st.

Formed in 2013, The Color And Sound was formed on the idea of integrating the diverse tastes of the members into a cohesive project, which quickly came to fruition with the band releasing the Spring Tour EP three months after their start. On the horizon of hitting the studio to start recording on their next record, the Boston sextet snagged a coveted spot on the now trending Maryland indie rocker’s post FEST Winter Tour, a ten-stop gallivant across the Northeast and Midwest promoting the upcoming full-length album, You’re Gonna Miss it All (Run For Cover Records), available in stores February 11th.

With influences ranging from folk to pop, there’s something for everyone in The Color And Sound’s hyper-audio sound. The five-track Spring Tour EP serves as a pure demo of the band’s abilities to adapt to various genres including the plucky banjo folk rhythm on “Graves” and harder grunge riffs on “Bruised and Battered”.

In a September 2013 interview with Property of Zack, the band explains, “When we do anything related to our band our only goal is to have as much fun as possible…we always try to translate how much we enjoy doing what we’re doing to whoever will listen,” which is successfully executed during the group’s energetic live sets.

Download the Spring Tour EP for free (at a name your price suggestion) on Bandcamp today and catch the infectious wave of good times when The Color And Sound kicks off The Appreciation Post’s Record Release Show with Pretty & Nice and USA USA USA, at TT the Bear’s, Central Square, Cambridge on January 31st.

Bishop And Rook is a Boston-based independent music blog focused on the local music scene in and around the Boston area. With an emphasis on promoting music within the community, Bishop And Rook strives to inform and educate readers about the current scene with the support of record and live show reviews. Come hang with Kristin and friends at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, February 15th during Bishop And Rook’s Flirty Thirty Birthday Show featuring Save Ends, Laureate, Rebuilder and Shambles!

New Music Tuesday: Jake Bugg – Shangri La

It’s hard to talk about Jake Bugg’s sound without doing some A-class name dropping. No sooner had his first self-titled release hit the airwaves just over a year ago than the comparisons to Dylan, Simon, and Gallagher began to flood in. They’re worthy comparisons to be sure, and Bugg neither minds or ignores them, nor does he allow them to completely define or pigeonhole his own sound.

On his sophomore release, Bugg adds a strong set of new material that offers new insight to other influences (Elvis Costello, Nick Drake, and even Woody Guthrie come to mind) while also showcasing a wider depth of musical ability. Punk, blues, and rockabilly all get respectable airspace on the record as do other more subtle and nuanced sounds (there’s a particularly 90’s grunge rock influence in “Messed Up Kids”; also can’t miss that 60’s Laurel Canyon sound in “Kitchen Table”).

Though this strong sonic framework provides the perfect platform for Bugg’s frank lyrics and plaintive voice, there’s already a lot happening on the record and the true weight of his words can get lost in the shuffle.  Three tracks– quite possibly some of the most biting storytelling of the entire album– are posted up and gulped down in the first 8 minutes, leaving the listener to wander around, searching for musical balance  in a hangover-like state wondering what it was that just whizzed by him. Save for one or two tracks later on, the album keeps a fairly level pace from then on.

Given Bugg’s working-class roots and rough upbringing, this front-loaded, shotgun sprint of an opening is understandable, and on second and third reviews, the stories are made more clear. “Didn’t disappoint you /  Didn’t want to make you sad / Given all the choices / Good’s given from the bad.”  At 19 Bugg has had a lifetime of experiences both good and bad, and thematic musical balance isn’t at the top of his priorities.

Even as his sound echoes that of the greats of modern music, his stories and his delivery are very much his own. Just as is should be.

Jake Bugg – Shangri La
Island Records, 2013
Rating: B

Listen Now: “Kitchen Table,” “Slumville Sunrise,” “Pine Trees”