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Media Notes: The Search for the Perfect Sound

What is the perfect sound? It can be said to be many things, but in the end it’s purely subjective. I’m not sure myself how I would identify what the perfect sound is, but there are definitely the times when I know I’m hearing something special– something genuine. Let’s call it a Great Sound.

Those moments when you hear something that moves you deeply or stops you in your tracks. Those moments when something deep within you stirs, not just the daily jitters or every so often impulsive pangs of fancy but something deeper, meatier, almost tangible moments of holistic emotional release.

It doesn’t need to have words– it doesn’t have to be a song at all– and it doesn’t matter if it’s new or old. It just has to mean something. Moments of Great Sound can help us to understand what the perfect sound is and what it means to us.

Here’re a few Great Sounds that have been accompanying me lately.

1. Josh Ritter – Change of Time

2. Laura Viers – Secret Someones

3. Marcus Mumford & Oscar Isaac – Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)

4. Seth Avett – Stand By Me

5. John Mayer – Gravity

What about you- what are some Great Sounds that have been making the heavy rotation lists in your head lately? I’d love to know.