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Songs About Rain (Part 2): Grand All Over

God willing and the creek didn’t rise. The show went off without a hitch, and neither the one and a half hour drive / crawl down, nor the labyrinthine parking situation, nor the slightly more-than-damp lawn seats and humid night air were enough to deter or detract from the fun that lay before us.

Indeed, just as I wrapped up the writing of my previous post, the rain reduced to a slight, cough-and-sputter-style sprinkling. By the time we arrived at the grounds the rain had all but gone away, leaving patches of setting azure-to-sandstone colored sky behind as it went.

Stepping through the gates at the Comcast Center grounds I was immediately reminded of the entrance to a giant amusement park. Save for relative lack of ambient screeching and screaming of both the human and high-speed mechanical sort and the obvious absence of any large and looming, bobblehead-ish mascots that lumber up and down the main drag of such places, it made for an appropriate comparison (Just add much more Coors Light at Fenway-park-style prices and you’re golden).

If “amusing” was one of the keywords of the evening, then “entertaining” was another, and none of the three acts failed to delight or impress.

Maroon 5 themselves certainly did not disappoint, putting on a show that was enjoyable both on a base entertainment level and on a technical, musically complex level as well. Continue reading Songs About Rain (Part 2): Grand All Over

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Songs About Rain (Part 1): Gearing Up

Today I’m home early, having taken half the day off work to get ready for a concert I’m attending this evening with Chelley. It’s a Maroon 5 show at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA, ¬†a large outdoor amphitheater thirty miles south of Boston where pop acts come to play during the summer months. With southbound traffic on I-95 already treacherous on usual evening, and with fans¬†descending en masse to clog not only the streets but also the acres of rolling parking space around the park, I thought it wise to take some extra time off to come home and cool down before gearing up and getting out there tonight.

There’s just one issue: we’ve got lawn seats and it’s currently coming down in sheets outside. With the windows in the apartment open behind me and in adjacent rooms it sounds like a typical day in a south Asian jungle during the rainy season. Forecasters expect the deluge to continue all afternoon, warning as well of the distinct possibility of thunderstorms. And by golly if I didn’t just hear the first rumblings of such ominous nature now.

So what are we going to do? We’re going to press on and go on to the show, just as I’m sure the band will also go on with the show (though I do wonder what do performers do when a show is threatened by inclement weather…) Continue reading Songs About Rain (Part 1): Gearing Up