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Madonna got one thing right: “Music… makes the people… come together… yeah…” That’s the truth. Music connects us, makes us more aware of our experiences, and brings us closer to the others we share these experiences with.

I’m a freelance guitarist, song leader, and writer. I love that essential quality of music that makes it so universally revered. The way it can inspire swarming crowds of people to sing in concert halls one minute, and then set you down, chill you out, and make you think and reflect the next.

Here you’ll find examples of music that have been specifically selected for their power to move you thusly as well as stories of how important personal events have been shaped by the music that accompanied them. Once a week or so I’ll have a friend of mine chime in to give their own unique perspective on the music that matters to them.

Not all music can create the same sort of profound impact, but these stories strive to uncover the ways that music– any music– has the potential to spark deep thought, heighten experiences, or even move mountains (real and proverbial) regardless of artist, genre, time period, or other factors. All you have to do is recognize the moment when it happens– and seize it.

So go on. Get a taste of some of our top 5 favorite musical moments, and think of some of your own as well. We’ve all got a story to tell. Get on the move and get on that music.

Email: nmburka@gmail.com
Twitter: @nickburkaotm
Instagram: @nickburkaotm

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