Monday Mixtape – Baseball on the Brain

For the record, I’m a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan. Though we haven’t had the misfortune that other teams have of not having been to the World Series in a century (Chicago Cubs), half century (Cleveland Indians), nor the inability to bring home the title since our team’s founding (Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and a handful of others close behind)– we’ve had our troubles.

Now we find ourselves in September with a white-hot American League wildcard race on our hands, and although the Orioles are balancing on the brink of elimination from October’s  contests, I still believe there is a World Series trophy in store for Baltimore this fall which would, incidentally, be a fitting tribute to the 30th anniversary of their triumphant 1983 victory.

I believe in Orioles Magic.

Also, if you’ve ever what song it was that played when that last guy came up to bat, feast your eyes (and ears) on this site. (My personal choice of walk up song is currently this one by Shovels and Rope.)

Living in Boston I have come to love and appreciate Fenway Park. How can you not? A century of American baseball history emanates from its hallowed walls of trademarked Fenway Green. Small when compared to modern stadiums, and not nearly as glamorous, but a game on Yawkey Way is always a treat.

As you can imagine, when my love for my Orioles and my appreciation of Fenway park occupy the same space in time, I’m a particularly happy camper, and this Wednesday the Red Sox welcome not only the Orioles but also the teeming, bumbling, bearded masses to the park for a special $1 ticket night promotion. Fans of all shapes and sizes can see the that night’s game For just a buck each (Buck Showalter?), provided they show some friendly facial follicles. And it doesn’t matter, flush and full or phony.

You can bet your shave and a haircut I’ll be there on Wednesday, and to celebrate this genius– if not insane– expression of team spirit (nearly every member of the Red Sox starting lineup sports a mane of some kind) and the general joy of late-season baseball, this Monday Mixtape looks at up-and-coming artists that are currently hitting for the [heavy rotation] cycle in my book.

Single: Solo Acts

Double: Duos of Depth and Daring

Triple: Three Heads are Better than One

Home Run: Quartets (and Beyond) That Hit’em Out of the Park


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