Crunch Time

It’s been nearly a week since my last run and almost another week since the run before that one. I’d blame it on lack of time due to a busy schedule or other that bad weather deterred me, but the truth is that I’ve  kept myself off the roads due to fear of further aches and pains.

As I’ve been training and building up endurance, I’ve dealt with the aches and pains that I’d heard came with it. What I’ll refer to as “the usual stuff”: a stitch in the side, a twinge in the ankle or shin, a wobbly knee. With proper training and care these issues can be managed and lessened.

Although I’ve kept an eye on these things I haven’t treated them, allowing them to continue and even grow in frequency. And lately in additional issues, most notably a very sore hip during my last 5 mile run two weeks ago.

Obviously I need to take steps to fix the problem  by adding stretches to my post-run regimen that focus on easing the sore spots. However, each day I put this task on my to do list and each night I have to carry it over to the next day’s list. I’ve got lots of things that  I want to do when I get home from work. I want to read some, write some, play some music, take a run, not to mention make dinner and catch up with the girlfriend, and I get discouraged when I can’t get to it all, or give appropriate time to each thing.

The good news is that I did run today and that it went very well. Post-run observations alone show that I haven’t lost any ability to simply go out and complete a distance or time goal (the fact that it was all around more agreeable weather didn’t hurt either). I just need to get to the next step of the conditioning. And to get there I need to make the time for planning.

I can’t expect that I’m going to get to everything on my list every day. If I’m really looking to devote the right amount of thought and care to them, I need to look into how much time it takes me to do any given item and then pick two or three to focus on per night.

And I need to be okay with rolling things over from day to day. And give myself some credit. After all, I am still running more distance and more often than I ever would have dreamed I could have just 5 months ago. And that’s something to be proud of.


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