Making Adjustments

I’ve done it. I’ve passed the six mile point two threshold and have thus run far enough to finish a 10K race. Excellent. Now the task becomes getting comfortable with maintaining that distance.

Recently I’ve felt myself begin to drag or get discouraged for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the realization of aches and pains in certain areas, maybe it’s the fact that even though there’s over 100 songs on my running mix I always seem to hear the same 10 songs when I go out, maybe it’s this weather and the increased humidity that comes with entering the thick of summer– most likely it’s a little of all three.

And that’s okay. There are going to be challenges. There’ll be days like this. Etcetera. The key is to not allow myself to let these difficulties become setbacks as the setbacks will become disinterest, disinterest becomes despair… etc.

It’s not news to me that I’m a recovering perfectionist: even when I try to do better, I’m often dissatisfied by my efforts, feeling that I haven’t properly resolved the issue straight away.

The thing is that it’s the small adjustments and gradual progress that are the keys to improving. Add a base of healthy, positive perspective and this progress has found its fuel.

Specifically it’s been good to keep the following things in mind:
1) These issues aren’t going to be around forever
2) I have the last say over my destiny.

From here, I begin to make resolutions for how to remedy the issues.

1) Aches and Pains
The discomfort is felt in shins and just below my right knee. I imagine it probably has to do with the fact that I haven’t been giving enough attention to those areas during my post-workout cooldown, so I’ll be looking into what sorts of exercises might best support them.

2) Broken Record Syndrome
Music has been a driving force in keeping me inspired and focused while running, but I have to keep the list fresh and current to keep the energy up. This means updating the playlist, either by swapping out overplayed tunes and penciling in new ones, or simply changing how the playlists are arranged and run.

3) Oppressive Weather
Obviously this  factor I have the least control over. Sun’s gonna shine, humidity’s gonna stick, and a hard rain’s a-gonna fall. What I can do though is prepare appropriately for the uncooperative climes. Right shoes, right clothing, well-rested, and being properly hydrated at all times can ensure I’m ready to go the distance.

Allowing for minor adjustments along the way.

In the end it really is about the making small adjustments that will keep me getting out and trying for more time or distance, and ultimately allow me to feel comfortable out in the environs. It’s slow but steady progress, but that’s much better than no progress at all.


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